Who is Kara Ali Alp | Kara Ali Alp History

Kara Ali is the son of Aykut Alb, one of Osman Gazi's comrades. Kara Ali was the second admiral of the Ottoman Empire. Kara Ali was also one of the commanders of Osman Gazi and served successfully during the time of Orhan Gazi. Since brave and heroic people were given the nickname Kara among the Turks, this Gazi, whose real name was Ali, was called Kara Ali due to his heroism. Date and place of birth of Kara Ali is unknown. He was martyred in battle during the conquest of Gallipoli in 1356. According to his will, he was buried on the shores of Gallipoli's port on the Marmara side, which was later named Hamza Bey port. His son Demirtaş (Tîmûrtaş) Pasha later had a tomb built where he was buried. The people of Gallipoli and the surrounding area remember him with respect as "Emir Ali Baba" and visit his tomb.

Who is Kara Ali Alp | Kara Ali Alp History
Who is Kara Ali Ali in History

Detailed History Of Kara Ali Alp:

Kara Ali was commissioned by Osman Gâzi to conquer the Galios Island, which was affiliated with the Kite Tekfur near Bursa, in 1308. When he conquered the island, he brought the famous priest of the large church here and his family to the presence of Osman Gazi. Then he was married to the priest's daughter.

During Osman Gazi's campaign in 1313, Geyve Tekfuru evacuated the castle and gathered soldiers together with his people in a fortified place called Kurudere. Osman Gâzi attacked with the mujahid ghazis, captured this difficult pass called Karasu derbendi and defeated the enemy. At that time, a strong castle called Tekfur Pınarı, connected to Geyve, had to be captured. Osman Gazi left this duty to Kara Ali because of an important job that required him to return to Yenrşehir, the center of government. Kara Ali captured Tekfur Spring in a short time and sent the spoils he captured to Osman Gazi. In return for this service, Tekfur Spring and the places connected to it were given to Kara Ali as a fief.

Geyve and other places were also distributed to other mujahid veterans. Kara Ali later annexed the Byzantine castles Yeni Kale, Önen and Yamukça Hisar, which were connected to Geyve, to the Ottoman lands.

Who is Kara Ali Alp in History
Who is Kara Ali Alp in History

Who is Kara Ali Alp in History:

Kara Ali, who had successful military services during the time of Osman Gazi, continued these services during the time of Orhan Gazi. After the death of the first Ottoman admiral Kara Mürset Bey, Orhan Gazi replaced him with Kara Ali Bey. Since the title of Emîr-ül-bahr was used at that time as the exact equivalent of the sea captain, Kara Ali Bey was called simply Emîr Ali and this is how he went down in history.

Emir Ali (Kara Ali) established a maritime dominance in Marmara by mobilizing the newly established Ottoman maritime. In this way, he deprived the Byzantine navy, which helped Bursa by landing troops on the coasts of Mudanya and Gemlik, of such a support. He facilitated the conquest of Bursa and Iznik. Meanwhile, Emir Ali, who did not neglect his footholds in Marmara, also conquered the island of Kalo Limno and the island of Marmara, which was named after him at first, but was later translated into İmralı in the public language. By conquering coastal cities such as Gemlik, Armutlu, Izmit, Yalova and Hereke (1338), he enabled the Ottomans to land on the Marmara coast. Thus, this newly established Ottoman fleet provided great support to the land operation.

Kara Ali Alp Battles:

In our history, it is reported that the conquest of Koyunhisar castle, which is close to Izmit, by Kara Ali and his father Aykut Alb, facilitated the conquest of Izmit.

When Orhan Gâzi decided to take Izmit and stayed around Izmit, he sent one of his commanders, Aykut Alb, and his son Emir Ali (Kara Ali), with a number of soldiers, to conquer Koyunhisar.

Balokonya, the women's lodge of Izmit, was a relative of the Byzantine Emperor. His brother named Mayon was also the tekfur of Koyunhisar castle. He attacked Ottoman tribes whenever he had the opportunity; He would steal flocks of sheep and goats. If Kılayon came to help his sister, he could keep the Ottoman soldiers busy.

When Aykut Alb and his son Kara Ali arrived in front of Koyunhisar, the castle commander Kılayon was waiting for them at the main battlement of the castle, wearing all his weapons and armor. There were many knights and officers around him. When he saw them, he started waving his arms and shouting something. Kara Ali knew their language. But because it was far away, nothing could be understood. When you get a little closer; “Come, come, You have come to your death... After you, I will also kill your Orhan Bey. He understood what he said, "I will save my sister from her hands." He translated what he heard to those around him.

Meanwhile, Kara Ali stretched his bow to the end and said; “Oh God! "Bismillah..." he said and shot his arrow. All parts of the Tekfur were covered with armor except for the eye holes. Kara Ali's prayerful and accurate arrow pierced Kılayon's left eye and stuck in his brain. The spoiled tekfur flew down from the castle like an armored bird. Ottoman bouncers ran and brought him to Aykut Alb and beheaded him on the order. Aykut Alb; “My Black Ali (Kara Ali) bring this shrill head to our Orhan Bey. Maybe he has something to say! "Let's try to take over this castle immediately," he said. Later, Orhan Gazi impaled the severed head on a spear and had it erected in front of Izmit Castle. When the proud Balekonia saw his brother's severed head, he was horrified and in alarm, sent ambassadors for peace.

Among the Muslim Turks, the sword would not be raised against anyone who said "forbidden": It happened again and all the Gazis entered Izmit with glory and honor. They thanked God Almighty for granting them this victory.

Kara Ali Bey (Emir Ali Baba) Tomb

Kara Ali Bey (Emir Ali):

Kara Ali, among the commanders of Orhan Gâzi, also participated in the Battle of Palekonan against the Byzantines and showed great heroism. Later, he provided great services to Rumelian Conqueror Süleyman Pasha in his transition to Rumelia. He participated in the seaborne operations in the conquest of Gallipoli, which was the scene of a tough and bloody battle in March 1356. During this operation, many martyrs were lost in front of the castle gate. Emir Ali (Kara Ali) was among these martyrs.

Kara Ali Bey (Emir Ali Baba) Tomb
Kara Ali Bey (Emir Ali Baba) Tomb

Kara Ali Bey (Emir Ali Baba) Tomb:

The tomb of Admiral Ali Baba (Kara Ali) is on the road near the Sinan Pasha tomb in Hamzakoy. According to its inscription, it was built by his son Demirtaş Pasha in 1357. Kara Ali is the admiral who took Theodora, the daughter of the Byzantine emperor, who married Sultan Orhan Gazi, from Byzantium with his ships175. He was present at the conquest of Gallipoli and was martyred in the bloody war around the Great Mosque, which was then known as the Hagia Yorgi Church.

On the tomb window, it is written "Captain-i Derya Ali Baba Tomb" H. 758. This date is also the date of the conquest of Gallipoli. It is understood from the anchor pictures on his grave that he was a sailor. He was the conqueror of the island of İmralı, so the island he conquered was named after him. Evliya Çelebi refers to him as "Alemdar Ali Baba" during his visit to Gallipoli.

Kara Ali Bey (Emir Ali Baba) Tomb

Since he was considered a great sailor by Turkish sailors, until recently they used to salute him with their sirens while passing by Gallipoli.

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