Ertugrul Dialogue in English

Ertugrul Dialogue in English:

Ertugrul Ghazi, a Turkish historical drama series, has garnered immense popularity across the globe for its depiction of the history, culture, and values of the Muslim world. The show, set in the 13th century, follows the journey of Ertugrul, the father of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Ertugrul Dialogue in English
Ertugrul Dialogue in English

 The series has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline, stunning visuals, and impressive performances. One of the key aspects that has contributed to the success of Ertugrul is its dialogue. In this article, we will explore the importance of Ertugrul dialogue in English, its significance, and its impact on global audiences.

Famous Ertugrul Dialogue in English:

Dialogue is an integral part of any TV series, as it helps to build characters, convey emotions, and drive the plot forward. In the case of Ertugrul, the dialogue is especially significant, as it not only serves these purposes but also introduces viewers to the language, traditions, and beliefs of the Muslim world. The series is originally in Turkish, but it has been dubbed and translated into multiple languages, including English.

Ertugrul Dialogue in English
Ertugrul Dialogue in English

The translation of Ertugrul dialogue into English has made the show accessible to a wider audience, including those who do not speak Turkish. English subtitles have also been provided for the original Turkish dialogue, allowing viewers to appreciate the nuances of the language and the cultural references within it. This has helped to create a more immersive viewing experience for non-Turkish audiences, who can now fully appreciate the intricacies of the show.

The word er is said to the er face. Ertugrul

Once the lion got into the trap, even the jackals would grind their teeth . Ertugrul

He who is originally a wolf becomes a wolf. 

The cruelty and tricks of the enemy will never end. Ertugrul

A Turk did not say the last word until he took his last breath.

The cruelty and tricks of the enemy will never end. Ertugrul

Let the food be yours, the hunt will be mine, brother. Ertugrul

Let them play. Hard breaks the game. Ertugrul

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Turgut

If I can't come back, know that I found everything that was missing in me. Ertugrul

Slanders are a mirror of their owner's evil heart. Marshmallow Main

We will either take our home and leave Aleppo or we will leave our lives. Suleyman Shah

Oghuz custom says a lot to those who know how to hear. Suleyman Shah

Birds are not hunted with us, they are fed. When you said you were going to hunt a bird, you became food for the wolf. Ertugrul

We will clash the sons of Seljuk with the sons of Selahattin Eyyubi. Callus

Are we going to bow down for this world that we can't control even a breath of ? Ertugrul

The one who was friends with the camel driver had his door built according to him. Aykutluk

God is my witness. That's why I'm high. The cause I believe in is the Truth. shahabettin

Lord Titus says to you; The eagle is in the cage, it's the wolf's turn. Suleyman Shah

Not just those who betray; Those who do not do their job properly pay the price. Thomas

Ertugrul Dialogue in English
Ertugrul Dialogue in English

There is evil in what we know as good, and good in what we know as bad. Ertugrul

Enemies you think are beyond our border, inside your palace you are not aware of! Ertugrul

I have one life, and it is entrusted to God. What can you scare me with? Turgut Alp

Bow and arrow is good. You don't have to go under the man like a dagger, like a sword! Gundogdu

They say fate is in love with effort, the trouble you go through will turn into mercy. Afsin

If treason harms justice; our curved swords will guide those who stray from the way. Aykutluk

The leader of the Alps, who swung the sword in his hand at the command of the Creator, Hz. Ali. Crazy Iron

Don't forget! He does not give new secrets to those who cannot keep the secret in his hand, he is the owner of the secrets. Ibn Arabi

If you are in love, come back with your soul, if you are a sinner, look and come back from the door. Aleppo

The owner of this realm and the owner of Islam is Allah. Your duty is to strive in the way of God. Ibn Arabi

There is only one problem that scares the brave the most. He also loves. 

Does it mean our lives, father, who we say Bey and crown on our heads? Bozok

God help us and get half. God, do not leave us helpless! Ertugrul

Let's be guards, emmi. Gundogdu

If treason harms justice; our curved swords will guide those who stray from the way. Aykutluk

Hearts are only satisfied with the dhikr of Allah. Run away from the lies they give you, just take shelter in the truth. Omar

However, the main thing is not to be on the right path, but to stay on the right path even for a moment! El Aziz

When the cloud stops in front of the crescent moon, it is thought that the night is dark. The crescent moon will surely shine again. Afsin

Ertugrul Dialogue in English
Ertugrul Dialogue in English

Do not go stay with me! Be the sultan of my heart, the mother of my children, the friend of my life. Ertugrul

When you know that you cannot meet your worldly love, you burn with the desire to reach divine love. Halima

The innkeeper of the world, we travellers, who are out of breath, enter under the black soil. Bozok

A man who does not know the customs cannot become a sultan. No man, no man. We have no business with those who are not men. Suleyman Shah

These lands are the lands where the brave are threshing. We will gladly die, but we do not give an inch of land.

You have to be the man who passed the test and knocked himself down, son. Then you are the greatest wrestler and you are the greatest hero. arabian

Whoever lights up the darkness within you when you close your eyes, don't stop thinking about it for a second. Omar

They say; While the sun has appeared, it is not possible to determine the direction by looking at the stars. Stop messing with the stars, if you want to see the sun is in my hand.

The banner must be handed over to its owner. He is the owner who does not hold back from war. He does not lose hope in the Creator. Crazy Iron

You are a brave, honest, good- hearted valiant, Ertuğrul Bey. Our debt to you is not one but a ride! But my destiny was written long ago. Halima

The valiant women of Kayi will stand firm like a mountain so that the brave men of Kayi will roar like a mountain lion. Hayme Ana

Allah looks at the outward appearance of his servant and sees the interior. There are many non-infidel Muslims inside, and Muslims inside non-infidels. Ibn 'Arabi

At that time, we will walk to our new homeland for our dead in the grave and our babies in the cradle. Gundogdu

I hope you find healing in the lands you go to. May you find healing so that you can meet the tribe standing tall in your new homeland. Gundogdu

It's always good to be cautious, sir. We can no longer trust even the wind blowing on the cloud above us. Gundogdu

We will make the sun a flag and the sky a tent. We will ride our mares to the endless plains. We will split our purses and make our armies strong. Ertugrul

Alp is that man; Let him not be upset when he is defeated, let him not brag when he wins, let him know that he is responsible for the campaign, not the victory. Crazy Iron

Those are the ones who bought heresy against guidance. But their trade did not bring profit. Nor are they those who have found the right way. Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 16

It is tawakkul to seek the means that will save your brother from trouble without forgetting the existence of Allah. The test of the valiant will be tough and it is not befitting to stand in the valiant. Ibn Arabi

When you are desperate, remember that the Lord is Al-Kadir. As you starve, repeat to yourself that he is Er- Rezzak . You are with your Lord here, don't forget ! Omar

Ertugrul Dialogue in English
Ertugrul Dialogue in English

Accuracy of Translation:

The accuracy of translation is a crucial aspect of Ertugrul dialogue in English. The translation must capture the essence of the original dialogue, including the cultural and historical references, idioms, and expressions. It is essential to ensure that the translation does not alter the meaning or tone of the dialogue, as this can affect the overall quality of the show.

To ensure the accuracy of the translation, the team behind Ertugrul has employed professional translators who are well-versed in both Turkish and English. The translators work closely with the writers and producers to ensure that the dialogue is translated accurately and appropriately for the English-speaking audience. This ensures that the English version of the show maintains the same level of quality and authenticity as the original Turkish version.

Significance of Ertugrul Dialogue:

The significance of Ertugrul dialogue in English extends beyond the entertainment value of the show. The series promotes Islamic values and culture, which are often misunderstood or misrepresented in mainstream media. Through the dialogue, viewers are introduced to concepts such as justice, honor, loyalty, and faith, which are central to Islamic teachings. This helps to dispel misconceptions and stereotypes about the Muslim world and promotes a better understanding and appreciation of its values and traditions.

In addition, Ertugrul dialogue in English serves an educational purpose. The series offers a window into the history of the Muslim world and its contributions to civilization. Through the dialogue, viewers learn about the customs, traditions, and language of the time, which helps to educate and inform them about the past. This can be especially beneficial for younger audiences who may not have been exposed to this history before.

Furthermore, the global outreach of Ertugrul dialogue in English has had a significant impact on the Muslim world. The show has sparked a renewed interest in Islamic history and culture, with many viewers seeking to learn more about the topics covered in the series. This has led to an increase in tourism to Turkey, with many visitors eager to explore the locations featured in the show. In addition, the popularity of Ertugrul has inspired a wave of new productions that focus on Islamic history and culture, helping to create a platform for the Muslim world to tell its own stories.


In conclusion, Ertugrul dialogue in English has played a critical role in the success of the series and its impact on global audiences. The translation and accuracy of the dialogue have made the show accessible to a wider audience, while also maintaining the authenticity and quality of the original Turkish version. The dialogue has also served an educational and informative purpose, promoting Islamic values and culture and dispelling misconceptions and stereotypes. Finally, the global outreach of Ertugrul has had a significant impact on the Muslim world, inspiring a renewed interest in its history and culture and creating a platform for its stories to be told.

As the popularity of Ertugrul continues to grow, it is likely that the significance and impact of its dialogue will only increase. The series has already sparked a global conversation about Islamic history and culture, and it is hoped that this will lead to greater understanding and appreciation of these topics in the future.

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