Who is Amir Timur Khan in History | Turkish Sultans

 Who is Amir Timur Khan in History | Turkish Sultans :

One of the great rulers of the world, scholar and friend of saints, Cihangir is a scholar in mental and religious sciences. His father is Emir Turagay and his mother is Tekine Hatun. He was born in 1336 in the village of Khoja Ilgar, near Sehr-i Sebz in Turkestan.

Who is Amir Timur Khan in History | Turkish Sultans

Timur Khan's father, Emir Turagay, was a disciple of the great saint of the time, Emir Kulal, and was a clean, charitable, righteous Muslim. Emir Turagay was also among the emirs who dethroned and enthroned the khan who ruled the Chagatay Khanate. Emir Turagay, who loved scholars and friends of Allah very much, advised his son Timur to be with the scholars and righteous and not to upset the friends of Allah. He taught Timur Han about mental and moral sciences and the knowledge of commandership from the hands of competent hodjas. He appointed Sheikh Şemseddin Gülal as a teacher. 

He got involved in politics when anarchy prevailed in the country due to the incompatibility between his command and the emirs. Timur Khan, who knew his friends and enemies very well and followed a strong policy, increased his forces consisting of a family of a few people in a short time and after enduring many troubles, he became the Emir of Belh.

Extra History Of Amir Timur Khan:

Timur Khan, who had a very modest, simple and dervish life, was sitting in a green place with his men one day, talking about the superiority of scholars and the Kerâmets of the saints. At that time, they saw a crowd passing by a little distance away. Timur Khan made inquiries and learned that those who passed by were Emir Külal's nibs and his students. He got up immediately, ran himself, and came to the presence of that great saint with good manners; He begged, "Sir, if you help and honor our assembly, we can also benefit from your conversations and advice." Thereupon, Emir Külal; “The words of the dervishes are kept secret. This is not our duty. We cannot say anything unless it is a spiritual sign. Never say a word about yourself and be heedless. I see that an important task will come before you and you will be successful in it”. Then they continued on their way. When he got home, He stopped at his lodge for a while and went out at the time of the night prayer. After praying with the congregation, he bowed his head and sat for a while. He immediately called Sheikh Mansûr, one of his students, and said; “Don't stop, go to Emir Tîmûr quickly! Tell him to immediately move to the side of Khwarazm. If he is sitting, get up immediately, if he is standing, take action, never stop. For I have been informed that he and his sons will rule over the whole land. When he takes Khwarezm, let him march to Samarkand.” 

Who is Amir Timur Khan in History | Turkish Sultans

When Sheikh Mansur, who took the news, entered Timur Khan, he found him standing. He just delivered the news. Timur Khan immediately mobilized his army upon this news. When he was about to take action and reach the halfway point of his journey, his enemies attacked Timur Khan's tent. But he was already on his way. Timur Khan took Khwarezm. Then he went on an expedition to Samarkand and conquered it. Thus he won many victories one after the other and his business always went well.

When Timur Khan settled in Samarkand, he wanted to go to Bukhara. For this reason, he sent news to His Excellency Emir Kulal; “Will they allow us to come to Bukhara? If it is not allowed, we would like them to visit Samarkand. Let's do as they say." Upon Timur Khan's request, Emir Külal; He said that he could not agree to come and go, that he only prayed for them. He appointed his son Emir Ömer to inform them and to meet with Timur Khan. While sending his son, he said: “O my son! Tell Emir Timur! If he wants to walk on the path that Allahu ta'ala is pleased with, he should never leave taqwa and justice, and should adopt these as his slogan so that he can be saved on the Day of Judgment! Again, say that we and our students always pray to him. If he inclines towards the world, he will not be able to benefit from these prayers.”

Emir Omar went to Samarkand and met with Timur Khan and reported exactly what his father had said. Timur Khan promised that he would listen to the advice of Hadrat Amir Kulal with all his ears, and that he would not stray from piety and justice, and that he would always seek the consent of Allahu ta'ala in his affairs.

Amir Timur Khan One of the great rulers of the world:

He conquered the north and south of Iraq in seven years. He entered Baghdad with the enthusiasm of the Muslims, and before, the people were very sad because of his fear. They thought that Timur Khan was a looter and cruel just like the Genghis armies. When he saw that Timur Khan was a righteous Muslim, scholar and friend of saints, he was loved by everyone in a short time. Scholars gathered around him. The elders of the period met in his palace. Islamic books destroyed by the tyrant Mongolian ruler Hulagu, and scholars killed, and religious knowledge, which had paused, revived and spread. In his time, scholars such as Shah-i Nakşibend Behâeddîn-i Buhârî, Sayyid Şerif Cürcânî, Sa'deddîn Teftâzânî were educated.

Timur Khan wrote letters to the rulers of Muslim countries and asked them to obey him, with the intention of assuring unity among Islamic countries, destroying the people of disbelief and spreading the religion of Allahu ta'ala. He organized expeditions to Iran and Georgia until 1389. He supported the Mongolian prince Toktamış and made the Golden Horde a ruler. When Toktamış betrayed and attacked Timur's lands, Timur Khan, who organized two expeditions on the Golden Horde in 1390 and 1391, took possession of the lands up to the east of the Itil river. In 1399, he organized an expedition to India and conquered northern India.

Timur Khan, who valued science, scholars and friends of Allah, respected their dead and alive, and was honored by serving the students of those elders, treated those who wanted to destroy Islam and mislead Muslims from the right path. He had the pervert named Fadlullah-i Hurufi, who tried to disseminate his Jewish identity and spread his perverted ideas as Islam, and who dared to declare himself a god by declaring haram things halal, had him killed. He completely destroyed the city of Esterabad, which had become the center of Hurufi perversions. This auspicious act of Timur Khan in 1393 was welcomed among the Ahl as-sunnat Muslims.

The chiefs of the principalities that Sultan Yıldırım Bayezid had destroyed complained to the Ottoman sultan, Timur Han. They said weird things about him. Some gentlemen who fled in front of Tîmûr Han also came and slandered Yıldırım Bayezid. Thus, they separated the two rulers. Thereupon, Timur Khan came to Anatolia and defeated the Ottoman army in the war on the Çubuk plain near Ankara (1402) and captured Yıldırım Bayezid Khan. He treated her very well. However, the Ottoman sultan Yıldırım Bayezid Han fell ill and died in Akşehir. Timur Khan, too, transferred Anatolia to its former owners and returned to his country, taking the distinguished scholars with him. As a result of his thirty-five-year reign, he conquered all of Asia, up to China and Dehli, Iraq and Syria, and Anatolia up to Izmir. He made all his preparations and went to China with an army of two hundred thousand people. On his arrival in Otrar he fell ill and died eighteen days later (1405). A friend of Allah who is aware of his death; “Tîmûr is dead. He took îmân with him.” Timur Khan had the blessing of emigrating with the faith that all Muslims desired.

 Tîmûr Khan, who had knowledge and loved scholars very much, provided various opportunities to the scholars he brought from the countries he conquered in his country and had many madrasahs built. He reconstructed Samarkand, its capital city, and decorated it with works of art. He ensured the order of the state with the laws and regulations he wrote. He wrote his own history. These works, which he wrote in the Chagatai dialect, were later translated into Persian and European languages. It was understood and learned by everyone that Timur Khan was a just, pious and clean Muslim. However, Ottoman historians unfairly denigrate him because of his war with Yıldırım Bayezid Khan.

Who is Amir Timur Khan in History | Turkish Sultans

Letter To Sultan Yildirim Bayezid:

Before the Ankara war, Timur Han had written several letters to Yıldırım Bayezid Han, wishing to be friends. The first letter Timur Han sent to Sultan Yıldırım Bayezid is as follows:

“Praise be to Allâhu ta’âlâ, whose light of majesty and sultanate shines on everything, and whose works of encompassing and benevolence illuminate every layer of the universe! Peace and blessings be upon his Prophet, who was sent with the absolute most honorable religion and praised with the highest virtues and best morals! May the best prayers be with his High Family, his noble Companions and those who follow them in goodness until the Day of Judgment.

From Emir-i azam Timur-i Gurgan, the most just of the non-Arab emirs, the sword and mercy of Allah drawn to their enemies, the protector of the lands of Allah, sent to see the affairs of their loved ones from his servants, the helper of his servants, the one who eliminates the enemies and the disbelievers, the veteran. and to Gazi Bayezid Bahadır Han, the refuge of the mujahids, the watcher of the borders of the Muslims, the majesty of the Truth, the world and the religion:

Our apparent friendship and fellowship with your personal scholar was not successful in any way. There was no movement to send letters with messengers, to criticize the rules of commonwealth and friendship agreements. As a result of the 69th verse of the chapter of Ankebut, which reads, "We will of course show those who fight for the sake of obedience, our paths that reach us" , we are engaged in jihad with the unbelievers in the east with the groups of gaza, bagi and shar. We strive and strive to glorify the signs of religion and to spread the religion of the master of the prophets to far places, to the farthest corners. You too in the west; perverted sects, those who oppose religion and those who deny the true religion; “ God loves those who fight in His way (parts) in rows, like a packed building.”According to the fourth verse of the chapter Saf, you are making good work and great efforts. You have spent all your efforts to help the religion, to strengthen Islam and to spread the rules and principles of Allah's religion.

Hearing these good news, the number of people who help your wishes increases day by day, the reasons for the purpose and the reason increase, the chances of achieving comfort and aspirations and living in safety increase. Surely, the degrees of the religion of Muhammad 'alaihis-salâm' and the fundamentals of the religion of Islam, which is adorned with ornaments as revealed in the 22nd verse of the chapter of Zumer, which translates as "He whose heart is widened by the light of Islam, is on the path of a light and guidance from his Lord"; to glorify with jihad, wrath and war, and; “The religion of those who seek a religion other than Islam will not be accepted”Every state owner who holds the meaning of the 85th âyat-i-kerîma of the Âl-i İmrân sura in his heart, may receive confirmation, tawfiq and various kinds of happiness, help, and blessings from Allah, every day the society of that dynasty is brighter and the star of prosperity of that hearth. get higher. As a matter of fact, Allah Almighty states in the 29th âyat-i-kerîma of Hadîd Sûra; “Indeed, goodness and superiority are in the power of Allah. He gives it to whomever he wills”.

These introductions, which inform those who hold those countries in their hands, the musk scents of the most beautiful prayers and the clean scents of beautiful praises, are gifts that indicate the abundance of love and compassion. Always because of the brightness of the garden of nusret and; With the news that " The prayers of the righteous are accepted ", righteous prayers are in our language. Acceptance, tawfiq and grace are from Allahu ta'ala.

It is definitely for the good and benefit of both parties to walk in the paths of friendship and to activate the chain of affection by following the command "Be with the faithful", as a requirement of the faithfulness and loyalty of a perfect Muslim, and in accordance with the appropriate expression and appropriate conditions. The 70th and 71st verses of the chapter of Ahzab, which read, " Speak the right words so that Allah will correct your affairs and give you success" and; We need to be on good terms by following the verse "attempt to be free".

What I have written so far is due to the abundance of our friendship and love. You have learned the situation, please help us with our good deeds and efforts. Take care of various relations and consent towards you. Don't forget. I always want; Let there be such reasons and requests that you send us ambassadors and letters. Make us happy by sending envoys and messengers in any way, and informing us about the health of your people and the order of state affairs, so that our friendship will be strengthened. I will not write any more. My vessel, aleddevam, before and after.”


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