Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

 Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

In this article, we collect the Best Quotes and poems of Yunus Emre, who won the hearts and minds of people with his mystical poems and simple words. We have compiled for you the words and poems of Yunus Emre, which we hope will reflect his morals, even to a small extent, and what he said about our characters.

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

Who is Yunus Emre?

First, let's talk a little bit about who he is. Yunus Emre (1238 – 1328), Pioneers of Turkish Poetry in Anatolia He was a folk and sufi poet. Yunus Emre lived in the Central Anatolian Basin from the middle of the 13th century to the first quarter of the 14th century. He grew up and lived in the Taptuk Emre Tekkesi in the Nallıhan district of Ankara, in Sarıköy, which is located in the Sivrihisar district of Eskişehir.

 One of the leading poets, Yunus Emre, who is the founder of a unique style in Turkish Sufi literature, rediscovered the tradition of tekke poetry, which started with Ahmed Yesevi in ​​Anatolia, with a unique expression. Yunus Emre, who influenced not only folk poetry but also divan poetry, discusses the relationship of man with himself, objects and God in his mystical verses, and deals with the themes of death, birth, devotion to life, divine justice and benevolence. Take it. He now expresses the thought and culture of the period with a plain and fluent expression in the spoken language. In this way, he gained the identity of a famous public man of all time.

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

Best Quote Of Yunus Emre

  • Everything you expected and cared about will disappear from you. And what we say is: “Testing is not about getting what you want, it's about getting approval.”
  • The happiness of patience lasts forever. It will be given to those who are patient.
  • O knowing the truth, Yunus does not tell every secret lie, the right path that comes with duality has not yet been found.
  • It is of no use to those who find you dangerous, and it is not pleasant to those who do not have the evil eye.
  • Enter the prayer of the poor. If he saves, he saves.
  • Hello, those who know us do not know what it is.
  • When I came to a point, I realized that I had come to the end of a meaningful sentence.
  • The world is a lie, the world is a lie! In the wrong world, is there anyone left intact? Ownership is a lie, ownership is a lie. You got a little carried away.
  • The fate of the oppressors will be grievous.
  • A few words are the burden of words, many words are the burden of animals.
  • It is the soul that sets off, stays on the way, and awakens with the soul.
  • For those who truly love God, a whole world of brothers will come.
  • Man is stoned as much as his goodness, banned as much as his goodness, tried as his slavery.
  • Do not look for God far away, God's destiny is in the heart.
  • The tongue of the stone-hearted man smokes poison. No matter how softly he spoke, his words were like "war".
  • O poor Yunus, do not be proud of anyone, do not be as humble as the earth. All rose gardens end with soil.
  • The person who never makes mistakes is bad and the biggest mistake in life is to think that he is perfect.

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

Yunus Emre Best lyrics

  • Go away, mortal world, will someone laugh at you?
  • Words darken thousands of jewels and gold.
  • If he was a dervish, we would even buy a crown and a cardigan.
  • O Lord, help Muhammad with miracles, illuminate our graves the night I went to the grave.
  • When I came to the cemetery in the morning, I saw that everyone had returned, everyone was in a deserted place and lost their lives.
  • Don't give up patience. Let him patiently find Miraç and Tur (the place where Prophet Moses spoke to Allah). With patience, you can get closer to God.
  • You're full when you're hungry, and you're full at the end. These roads are scary. Let's be patient and see what God does on these roads.
  • We went from the womb to the bazaar, bought grave goods and then returned to the grave.
  • The good pearl is in the heart of Dervish. Do not think that he is in the great sea.

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

Best Short words from Yunus Emre

In this passage, we have collected Yunus Emre's short words.

  • Science is self-knowledge.
  • The greatest worship is love.
  • No wonder it's creative.
  • The sigh of the person in trouble did not stop.
  • The problems of the people in the world are as much trouble as the world.
  • Do not think that it is the profit of the oppressors.
  • The sigh of the oppressed reduces shame.
  • Everything has its time.
  • Choose 3 correct! Your wife, your job, your boyfriend.
  • Don't believe in this world, don't believe you can't find loyalty.
  • There is no problem-free head in the world.
  • Much wealth is not unforgivable, many words are untrue.
  • Who goes to the poisoned place?
  • Anyone with beauty should know that this is a debt.
  • Forgive the creators for the creator.
  • Those who do not know the Qur'an are considered unborn.
  • Don't be afraid to die, don't be afraid, you exist forever.
  • Person born into this world

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

Yunus Emre Love Quotes

  • Creativity is seeing beauty, touching the mystery of love.
  • If you intend to fall in love, you will be in trouble. Zü'l Celali will serve; First the laughter, then the treat.
  • Take my hand and lift me up Or subordinate me. You made me cry a lot, you made me laugh. Come and see what love has done to me.
  • Be my love, be my nightingale Gulzare
  • The love potion is the antidote to me.
  • Love, love, this world is not yours.
  • They called all kinds of suffering love.
  • They say the lover is dead, the dead is the body, the lover does not die.
  • It softens like a candle with the fire of love in its heart. The heart of the stone is like a black and dry winter.
  • Yunus, don't think now, you don't need this job. Love is necessary for humans. He is like a dervish after the fire of love has fallen in his heart.
  • Know that an outside human is beautiful but hollow inside. The owl crows day and night, but does not believe it exists.
  • Wherever your eyes look, God is always there. Souls that do not find benefit are more likely to be harmed than benefited.
  • Listen guys, love is like the sun. A heart without love is like a stone.
  • Love makes the lover's poetry, the lion turns black, the snake becomes waxed.
  • I neither rejoice in existence nor fall into non-existence. I console myself with your love; i need you i need you
  • My heart is in amazement, never tired of love. He goes and falls in love, he doesn't know me at all.
  • What kind of love market is this, lives are sold in this market. I sold my life but there is no place.
  • This strange love fell into my heart, my heart no longer stops at a decision, an agreement. Everything I did was a mistake, I know; I wish I could be a fanatic.

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

Yunus Emres Friendship Quotes

After Yunus Emre's words of love, it was time for words of friendship.

  • O one who thinks his friend is an enemy, do not rebel and do not lie. Those who fall into mischief and slander in this world will have a narrow place in the Hereafter.
  • We do not come for a purpose, our work is for love, the home of friends is the heart, we are here to create hearts.
  • You are welcome to me. Either a rosebud or a thorn. Life or shroud. Your pomegranate is beautiful, your light is also beautiful. Your anger is pleasant, your kindness is also pleasant.
  • O drinkers of the river of life! Let's ask the spirits, what happened to their beauty? You always said you were mine, now you found something and left.
  • Let go of pride, be loving, let your heart be tolerant.
  • Do not be deceived, I do not want to fall into the trap of poisoning worldly wealth and dream of the world from now on.
  • The pen has a curved mouth, a black face like ink, it writes on fake paper. Now who am I to get up and tell them to write down my wish?
  • Do not hurt your friends' hearts; There is no master to fix it. May the heart of roses not wither; No watering can.
  • Whatever happens, the Creator will help. Do not think that it is the profit of the oppressors. The sigh of the oppressed reduces shame. Everything has its time.
  • O poor Yunus, do not be proud of anyone, do not be as humble as the earth. All rose gardens end with soil.

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Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

Yunus Emre's Most Beautiful Poems

When Yunus Emre is mentioned, beautiful poems immediately come to mind. Actually, in this part of the article, we collect Yunus Emre's poems. But let's say that there are many more poems.

I need you guys

your love took me away from me i
need you guys
i burned yesterday i
need you guys

What am I happy for?
What should I do?
I'm comforted by your love, I
need you guys

Your love causes the lover to die Dive into
the sea of ​​love
fill it with the phrase
I need you guys

I drink the wine of love I
want to get bored and fall from the mountain
yesterday you were my concern
I need you guys

Sufis need to chat
Ahis needs eternity Majnuns
need Leyla I
need you guys

If they kill me
my ashes will be thrown into heaven
My country is calling at the right time
I need you guys

Paradise is what they call Paradise I need you guys for those who want
a few villas and a few hours

my name is dolphin
increasing day by day
My goal is two worlds
I need you guys

His name is beautiful. Special beautiful Mohammed

May my soul be sacrificed for your path,
His name is beautiful, handsome Muhammad,
Pray for the servant of this belt,
His name is beautiful, handsome Mohammed

Believers suffer a lot,
then it will be fun
Mustafa of the eighteen thousand worlds,
His name is beautiful, handsome Mohammed

Whoever looks at the sky seven times,
those who play in Kursû.
In Mi'râc, your ummah asks for truth
Handsome Muhammad with a beautiful name

Be a dear moment, dear heaven,
Sin loves this moment, It is
the army of eighteen thousand lands
His name is beautiful, handsome Mohammed

What is Yunus in love, his two worlds without you,
You are the prophet of truth, formless, faithless.
Those who don't follow you won't believe it
His name is beautiful, handsome Muhammed.

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

Love and Appreciate

listen dear
Love is a precious thing.
touches never end
Love is a respectable object.

He threw Hamza, both difficult and pure, to Kaf.
Sincerely, Mustafa,
Love is a status object.

ashes fall on the mountains,
you rule the heart
as servants of kings
Love is a wise object.

Who shot whom?
Don't worry about Gussa.
He loves the cry,
Love is an environmental object.

He boils the seas,
Mevce comes and plays.
Make the rocks talk
Love is a powerful object.

You're confused.
You fell into the sea.
It cooks the liver well,
Love is a central object.

What's wrong with Miskin Yunus?
Who do you tell your concerns to?
let's have a friend
Love is a delicious object.

Son of Adam

The Slow Man's son became despicable The
beast is like an animal to be grazed

Hergiz does not think about death, does not remember the day of death
Never tired of this world, of the heartlessness that preceded it.

Men do not listen to advice, brave men do not regret.
Her husband did not listen, the waves were big and windy.

Begler misses the street, he does not know because he is poor.
He came from the lake of mercy and plunged into the lake of spirits.

Yunus' word is from the scholar, he does not hate the oppressor.
Fear of death, the verdict of birth is death.

Let Me Call You Lord

with mountains and rocks
let me call you sir
At dawn with birds
let me call you sir

Abdal in the fields with Underwater Mahil
ahi and
me call you sir

In heaven with Jesus, with
Moses on the mountain of Tur,
with the staff in his hand,
let me call you sir

Ask Ayyub Be
with a crying Ya'qub and
Mohammed Mahbub
I'll call you sir

Praise be to Allah, with
Vasf-i Kulhuvallah
Always with Zikrullah,
let me call you my lord

i know the state of the world i'm
leaving the remains
barefoot let
me call you sir

Yunus reads in languages ​​Let's dive with the
nightingale , let me call you with
those who love the truth, sir

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

I Lost Yusuf

I lost Yusuf in the province of Canaan.
Yusuf is found, Canaan is not.
With this clever idea, Leyla could not be found.
What's the matter, there's no solution

Souls are sold in the market of love, I
will sell my life, no one will take my life They say that
Yunus is dead, they say hi
He is a corpse, lovers do not die

O Those Who Know The Word

O those who know the origin of your words, where does this word come from?
Those who do not understand the origin of this word think that this word comes from me.

Words create fear, words words, perception,
Whenever despised, honor comes to every man in words.

Letters do not flow from the ground, but from writing and reading.
It comes from people's hearts, not from passers-by.

I do not read Elif or Kelçim from Cim's existence.
Hundreds of thousands of astrologers must know the word N'ildiz.

With Shu, we are not of the moon, we are not of this lineage, man of love.
My source of life comes not from this house, but from the ocean of hope.

We've been apart for a while, what can we do?
This baldness comes from him because of his power to rule the soul.

Yunus with a breakdown, what is comfortable in your home?
The remedy for this pain comes from the water with a sigh.

Aep This M'ola

Just be in this place be
so weird
big head full of tears
be so weird

I was in Damascus with rum
Public upper provinces
so want can't find
it be so weird

No one is a stranger Don't
let your desire burn on the wood
Sir, no one hears
be so strange

My tongue will cry, my eyes will cry
Solution to strange things Turns
out I'm a star in the sky be
so weird

Great, I'm sick of this problem I'm
going to die one day after my death Turns out I
can't find it in my stomach be
so weird

They say a stranger died
Listen in three days
Swallow with cold water
be so weird

O Emre, Yunus is helpless
your problem has no solution
Now I have traveled from Shar to Sha
be so strange

Top 10 Yunus Emre Quotes And Poems

From The Hand of Love

I don't know where I am
from the hand of love
let me go to Canada from the
hand of love

my home is a mountain
teary eyes,
blood does not stop crying
from the hand of love

My woman became a bow,
my heart is now
my work, by the hand of wonderful

listen to my dice
my love
i gave my streak
from the hand of love

I'm here
to give let me be determined let me be
Uryan from the
hand of love

Jonah's word
ash essence
bloody eyes
from the hand of love

The Dress Needs To Be Loved

You must keep your dress in love
Don't be a question of someone reading a book for love.

If you know what you call love, if you put your heart into love,
what will be the way of love, not even life

Noble nobles, if you want to know
Every word means sebuk-sal.

This is the purpose of the wise, always be ready in every heart
Surrender to be called

You can't see the bee making honey from every flower
Be honey in the nest of flies and moths

If you want Güher, go to
Arifs with the shuttle service. If you talk to the ignorant, you will be miffed in a way.

Miskin Yunus is Bound to the Gift of the Lover Killer
Knowledge of good deeds becomes halal without love by giving up asceticism.

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