Destan Drama Season 2 Update | Destan Series Season 1 Final Mega Episode

 Destan Drama Season 2 Update | Destan Series Season 1 Final Mega Episode :

Producer Mehmet Bozdag has announced that Destan Drama Season 2 will not be made, but the final episode of Season 1 will be produced soon. That means the 28th episode of season 1 will be the last episode and no season or episode will come after that. 

 Updates of the drama called Dastan, Producer Mehmet Bozdag has decided to film a farewell episode to end the series called Destan. It has been decided to make a final and mega episode for the regular conclusion of the series. The entire cast and crew of the series will be included in this mega episode.

Destan Drama Season 2 Update | Destan Series Season 1 Final Mega Episode

When does the second season of the Destan series start? Will epic make the final?

Final claims for Destan, which was made on ATV screens, started to come to the agenda. So, when does the second season of the Destan series start? Will Destan make the final?

Destan, signed by Bozdağ Film, the first episode of which was published on November 23, 2021, directed by Fethi Bayram and Metin Günay and written by Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz, attracted attention with its different subject.

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Starring Ebru Şahin and Edip Tepeli, the series was inspired by some epics.

The first season of the series, which tells about epics rather than historical reality, started to come to the screen on Tuesdays.

The series, which is about the stories between Akkız and Gök Tegini Batuga, showed a fluctuating graphic in the ratings.


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However, it was claimed that the series, which was liked despite everything and gave a "season finale" to prepare for the second season, would end.

داستان ڈرامہ سیریل کی آخری میگا قسط اردو سب ٹائٹل کے ساتھ دیکھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں۔ شکریہ

Fans of the series said, "When does the second season of the epic series begin? Will epic make the finale?" raised the question.

So, when does the second season of the epic series start? Will epic make the final? Here is the answer.

Destan Drama Season 2 Update | Destan Series Season 1 Final Mega Episode

When does the second season of the Destan series start? Will Destan make the final?

The Destan series, which received approval for the second season of ATV, is making its finale. The scenario of the second season of the epic series was not approved by the ATV management. Thus, Destan will bid farewell to the screens by making the final at the beginning of the new season of 2022-2023.

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Producer Bozdağ Production made a statement about the Destan series. Announcing that the scenarios written for the second season of the Destan series did not turn out as he wanted, therefore, he made the final decision to leave the project with its taste, Bozdağ also stated that only the final episode of the epic series will be shot.

Shocking news from Destan! Is the series, which is expected to have its second season, canceled?

Disappointing news came from the production of Destan, which has been watched with curiosity and excitement by the series lovers since the first day it went on the air. It has been claimed that Destan, one of the most watched projects of Tuesday evenings, which impresses the audience with its strong staff and ambitious subject, will make a final.

Unexpected news came from the Destan project, which is followed with great interest every week and arouses admiration in the audience with its action and tension-filled scenes. It was claimed that the production of Epic, which took the first step in broadcasting on November 23, 2021 and managed to reach large audiences thanks to its assertive output, will make its finale.

According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş from TV100, the information that the production of Epic, in which Edip Tepeli takes on the character of Batuga and Ebru Şahin as Akkız, will be finished. There has been no official statement yet from Mehmet Bozdağ, the producer of the Destan series, which is said to continue in the second season, but it is claimed that the screen adventure will end in line with the latest information. The answer to the claim that Destan, whose production and project design is undertaken by Mehmet Bozdağ, will end is awaited with impatience.

Destan's distancing from the supporting cast in the season finale was astounding! Destan, a television series starring Ebru Sahin, Edip Tepeli, and Selim Bayraktar, had a successful season since it did not lose viewers to any other shows throughout its first season. Selim Bayraktar, a well-known actor, reportedly opted to leave the series because he felt overworked.

Destan Drama Season 2 Update | Destan Series Season 1 Final Mega Episode

For the series, which was meticulously planned—from clothes to locations, from spoken language to action scenes—all actors perspired throughout the whole season. The Hercai series, for which Ebru Sahin received widespread praise, presented another challenge with the Destan series. With Akkz in the series, which is based on a female role, the successful actress rose to prominence. Ebru ASahin spent months preparing for the part, putting a lot of effort into learning close combat, riding a horse, and swordwork.

A separate figure on the screen, Akkz, was effectively brought to life by Ebru Sahin, who is also a screen companion of Edip Tepeli. Everyone was disappointed by Selim Bayraktar's departure, as he had played the series' main character in the season finale. There was a statement that Selim Bayraktar was fatigued before this sudden breakup.

Selim Bayraktar admitted that the season had left him exhausted but made no mention of the breakup. Nobody anticipated Bayraktar quitting the show. But it is understood that the plot's conflict would be changed in the upcoming season in order to minimise the series' ratings decline.

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There will be a fight in the tale between two powerful characters, even if Batuga is a significant character for the series! A very powerful Alpagu character was created to oppose Akkz and Batuga, and in this struggle for dominance, Akkz began to fade into the background. The story's main character Akkz's downfall was not something that should have been considered, especially for the series in which Ebru Ahin fans had shown such a keen interest.

The removal of Batuga from the narrative and the departure of Selim Bayraktar from the epic series are genuinely viewed as deliberate moves. Because Akkz and Batuga, the strongest character and the primary captivating characters in the story, will now build a fresh story in the new season. In the second season, which will be based on this pair, higher watching rates are desired.

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