What is Feminine Energy? How to Raise Feminine Energy?

 What is Feminine Energy? How to Raise Feminine Energy?

High feminine energy can offer a more balanced and happier life.

There are feminine and masculine energies in women or men in close proportions. These energies connect with how we feel during the day or in our general life, and these energies also affect our mood. The notion that feminine and masculine energies are actually linked to how we look is partly wrong. So, of course, your masculine attitude and style has to do with your energies, but actually the balance of these energies is related to your mood rather than your appearance and style. In this article, we will address the answers to questions such as what is feminine energy, how to raise feminine energy, how to understand the lack of feminine energy.

What is Feminine Energy? How to Raise Feminine Energy?

What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy helps us in our human relationships, in establishing meaningful and consistent relationships and bonds with the people around us. It helps to reveal and balance our feelings of compassion, kindness, empathy, patience. In fact, it is a reflection of our emotions and intuitions. The right side of our brain deals with visual and auditory issues. Feminine energy mostly affects the right side of our brain, which helps bring out the creativity within us. It affects our aesthetics, art and passions and provides the expression of them. The higher your feminine energy is and the more it emerges, this will increase our feelings such as love and compassion.

feminine energy properties

  • The feminine energy in men and women helps to guide us and our emotions.
  • People with high feminine energy usually have high intuition.
  • The things that people with high feminine energy feel and are born into are mostly true.
  • These people accept life completely and very simple things make them happy.
  • They usually act with compassion and mercy in every situation.
  • The feminine energy also expresses the freedom of the person, and thanks to the high energy, people feel more free.
  • These people are more forgiving and tolerant.
  • Feminine energy can also change the energy of the people in front of us. With high energy, you can attract people who are like you, get along well, and be helpful to your area and establish easy friendships.
  • Feminine energy also allows us to live happily and high.

What are the symptoms of feminine energy deficiency?

If you do not have the features we mentioned above, or if you think that you are angry most of the time and you have lost your sense of love and compassion, you can do some work to increase your feminine energy. We will talk about what kind of work is done in a little while. First of all, if you suspect that your feminine energy is missing, you can start by making sure of it.

If you have been having trouble having fun, going out, and communicating with people lately, if your perspective on relationships has changed, if you think that you are not influenced by anyone, if you believe that you are not tolerant, you can try balancing and raising your feminine energy to change these feelings.

How to raise feminine energy?

It is possible to raise your feminine energy with some methods that are not very difficult, that you will include in your daily flow and that you will only raise your awareness. You can start by accepting that the first way to do this is to know and love yourself. Of course, there are a few more points to consider.

Let your creativity unfold

When you touch your creativity, you are connecting with your feminine energy. Let's say it's more than just making a painting or a sculpture. Even daydreaming triggers your creativity. You can work on topics such as making sentences, making plans, writing an article or coming up with a work-related idea.

If you spend time listening to music on the road, you can unleash your creativity even with simple games such as what kind of movies can come under the songs you listen to, and what scenes come to your mind.

Connect with nature and your senses

Integrate with nature and enjoy how good the sun feels on your skin. See the beauty of the greenery and breathe the scent of the fresh air. Spending time in nature helps to reveal not only feminine energies, but also many different energies, thus helping you feel happier and free from stress.

See, hear, smell, feel and even taste. Create moments where you are aware of all your senses.

Get to know yourself

Connect with your inner thoughts, feelings, and spirituality. Who are you and what does life mean to you? Even if you can't get a clear answer to such questions, be aware of what you want and what your expectations are from this life. For this study, you can keep a diary, get therapy and work with life coaches.

Be in touch with “receiving” as well as being a giver

Some of us want to give much more than we receive. Being a giver feeds us a great deal emotionally. Of course, receiving is also considered one of the first ways we feel good and valuable. So when people want to do something for you, don't stop them. Be someone who can ask others for help. When you have a hard time, share it with people you trust and ask for their help. Accept a compliment, be polite to anyone who compliments you (with respect).

What is Feminine Energy? How to Raise Feminine Energy?

Make spontaneous plans

Our minds need relaxation after some hard days. Instead of saying that I should rest a little at the weekend after a difficult day for you and come to my senses, get used to spontaneous moments such as I've had a hard time today and I'll make a plan for the evening. This allows you to feel your sense of freedom and raises your feminine energy.

Remember also the masculine energy within you

Since we all have both masculine and feminine energies, it is also very important to maintain the balance. Everything has its place and time. Your masculine energy can help you in some issues that you have to struggle alone. Acting as you feel will help balance these emotions and energies.

Get help from grounding

Stepping on the ground and grass means connecting with nature and indeed the energy of the soil takes your accumulated negative electricity and relaxes you. On weekends you can walk a little on the grass. Do not forget to add the moments when you lie on the sand, feel the sand and the water underneath, when you lie on the sunbed during the holidays.

Embrace all kinds of emotions

To embrace your emotions, you must first understand them. Because the phrase “You're a little emotional right now” often has a negative connotation, we can get repressed. We are not only taught that it is weak and even inappropriate to show how we feel, but we are also taught to feel how we feel.

By understanding many emotions and choosing to experience them, move on with your life. Crying, being unhappy, or being too cheerful should prevent you from trying to balance these emotions. Let go of whatever comes to your mind, live it.

Laugh more

Laughing is one of the easiest ways to release feel-good endorphins. A laugh from the heart increases intimacy and gives you positive energy. Also, it's not just yours, a good smile and a sincere laugh help instantly change the energy of those around you.

What is Feminine Energy? How to Raise Feminine Energy?

Consider your strengths

To balance your energies, you must also be aware of how they are present in your life and in your essence. The balance of masculine and feminine energies balances time, intuition, self-reflection, cherishing your beauty and loving yourself. Find the things you do best or really enjoy doing and don't stop doing them.

Feminine energy meditation

Apart from all these mentioned methods, you can also maintain the balance of masculine and feminine energy within you with certain meditation techniques. If you are wondering how to meditate, let's talk about it briefly for you.

  • First of all, prepare an environment for yourself. You can light incense, a few candles, light music.
  • Sit in a cool, comfortable position on a mat on the floor. Your hand may be just below your navel.
  • Quietly listen to yourself, watch emotions and memories pass by, don't try to drive them away.
  • Put aside your physical appearance, anxieties and worries and just breathe. When you breathe, follow it, be aware of which organs it goes through.

By making meditation a habit and a routine, you can both manage your stressful moments and balance the energies within you.

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