15 Grounding Techniques to Distract Disturbing Thoughts

 15 Grounding Techniques to Distract Disturbing Thoughts

Discover a few techniques you can try during your stressful moments.

Have you ever heard of the grounding method? When you feel bad and you are filled with negative charge, someone has told you that you should take off your shoes and step on the ground. Ground; It is a practice that can help get away from flashbacks, unwanted memories, and negative or challenging emotions. This technique can help you take your attention away from what you are going through and refocus on what is happening right now.

15 Grounding Techniques to Distract Disturbing Thoughts

Of course, we can't always find the opportunity to step on the ground in city life. In moments like these, there are actually many other techniques you can try.

Physical grounding techniques

These are techniques for activating your five senses and mostly feeling techniques to help relieve boredom.

Put your hands in the water

Put your hands in water and try to literally feel the water. Use lukewarm water first, then cold water. Next, try cold water first, then lukewarm water. Does switching from cold to warm water feel different than switching from hot to cold? Focus on the emotions, such as what it feels like all over your hands.

Feel the objects near you

Are the things you touch soft or hard? Heavy or light? Is it hot or cold? Focus on the texture and color of each item. Spend a few minutes in this way, try to eliminate the feelings that come to your mind by focusing on the object in your hand.

Take a deep breath

Inhale slowly, then exhale. Feel the breath travel through your body. Observe the breath entering through your nose descending to your stomach. Breathe in through your nose, count to 4, hold your breath for 5-6. Exhale completely during 7-8-9-10. Repeat several times.

Enjoy a food

Take small bites or sips of a food or drink you enjoy and allow yourself to fully savor every bite. Think about the taste, smell, and flavors that linger on your tongue.

15 Grounding Techniques to Distract Disturbing Thoughts

Smell something

Think about what your favorite scent is and take it with you if you can find it. If a coffee smell pleases you, brew yourself coffee and breathe in its scent for a while. Try to create a time when you stay in this study for a longer time by smelling the objects that may smell around you one by one. Smell a candle, smell your perfume, smell your pillow.

Get ice in your hand

Take an ice cube in your palm and feel its coldness. Describe to yourself how it feels when it starts to melt.

Move your body

Awaken your body with very simple movements. Get up from where you are, walk a little, jump, tap your legs, stretch. Listen to the sounds, focus on what your body is feeling.

Try the 5-4-3-2-1 method

Working backwards from 5, use your senses to list things you notice around you. For example, you can start by listing five things you hear, then four things you see, then three things you can touch from where you sit, two things you can smell, and something you can taste. This will be a work that allows you to stay in the moment by removing your thoughts.

Mental grounding techniques

These grounding exercises use mental distractions to help direct your thoughts away from disturbing emotions and into the present. In other words, it allows you to focus on one area and stay in the moment.

Play a memory game

See a detailed photo or picture over several. Then close the photo and visualize it in as much detail as possible. Discover the details, pass the colors through yourself.

Use numbers

Even if you don't have much to do with math, try to do simple operations. Even counting backwards from a desired number will help shift your focus.

Make categorical lists

Make lists in your head that you categorize. For example, if you have a library with you, try to separate your books by type. Sort the meals into categories in your mind, or you can think of sports types and categorize them as well.

Sing a song

Sing a song you have memorized from beginning to end. This memory training technique is one of the most fun ways to help you relax. You don't just have to sing, you can read a favorite poem or repeat a line.

Imagine yourself in what you want

If the situation you're in is making you uncomfortable, visualize yourself getting out of it and being where you want to be. Try to smell the sea and feel the sun on your skin when you lie down against the sun on a beach.

Soothing techniques

You can use these techniques to relax yourself in times of emotional distress. These exercises will help to dissipate negative emotions and bring better feelings.

Imagine the face and voice of someone you love

If you are feeling sad or distressed, imagine someone in your life that you consider very important. Imagine their faces or think about what their voices sound like. Imagining them telling you that the moment was difficult but that you will overcome it will make you feel good.

Show yourself compassion

Repeat gentle, compassionate phrases to yourself: "You're going through tough times, but you'll get through it." Say to yourself whatever you need to hear at that moment, such as "You are strong and you will get through this situation," You work hard and you do your best.

15 Grounding Techniques to Distract Disturbing Thoughts

Listen to music

Turn on your favorite song, but pretend to listen to it for the first time. Focus on the melody and lyrics. Notice what the song is saying. If there is a song that brings you down, change it and switch to a song that brings back good memories.

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