Muradiye Mosque Manisa | Historical Places

 Muradiye Mosque Manisa | Historical Places:

Muradiye Mosque is an Ottoman mosque located in the Sultaniye district of Manisa. The complex, which was built between 1583 and 1592 in the name of Murad III, consists of a mosque, madrasah, almshouse and shops.

Muradiye Mosque Manisa | Historical Places
Muradiye Mosque Manisa | Historical Places

The construction of the complex, the project of which belongs to Mimar Sinan, was started by Architect Mahmut Ağa and completed by Architect Mehmet Ağa upon his death. The inverted T-plan mosque made of cut stone, which is the most spectacular part of the complex, is one of the most elegant examples of classical Ottoman architecture.

The mosque is covered with a large central dome in the middle and a vaulted roof system on the sides and the mihrab protrusion in the south. There is a double minaret with a single balcony at the corners of the northern façade. The interior, adorned with fine ornaments, is entered through a double-winged door inlaid with ivory, mother-of-pearl and tortoiseshell. The mihrab wall is covered with Iznik tiles. Marble pulpit is a very valuable work of art. There are glasswork decorations on the upper windows. The ceiling of the sultan's mahfil made of marble, located in the southeast corner, is adorned with malakari ornaments, and the dome, vault, arch and windows around it are decorated with hand-drawn works.

The madrasa was built by adhering to the classical Ottoman madrasah plan and shape. The entrance door is on the west side and there are rooms on the north, south and west directions behind the porticoes. These rooms, which are covered with a dome, have a stove and cabinet niches. The plan of the soup kitchen is similar to that of a madrasa, and behind the porticoes are the kitchens, dining halls and food warehouses that surround the courtyard in a "U" shape. There are large stoves and a fountain in the kitchen sections. Madrasah and soup kitchen sections are used as museums today. 

Located in the courtyard between the madrasa and the mosque, the library was built in 1812 by Hüseyin Ağa from Karaosmanoğulları. Today, Mimar Sinan Children's Library is used as a service building.

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