Ibrahim Celebi Mosque Manisa | Historical Places

 Ibrahim Celebi Mosque Manisa | Historical Places:

İbrahim Celebi Mosque is an Ottoman mosque with a square plan and a single dome, built in 1549. The last congregation place is covered with three domes.

Ibrahim Celebi Mosque Manisa | Historical Places
Ibrahim Celebi Mosque Manisa | Historical Places

The exit door to the minaret in the north-west corner is at the narthex. The symmetry of this door is on the left. This door opens to the mausoleum of the mosque. The square planned cubic interior volume is covered with a dome. The narthex of the mosque consists of an arcade system with three small domes with Turkish style tiles, marble columns, reused Byzantine heads and pointed arches.

Rectangular windows with stone jambs were opened on the walls, which were covered by placing two rows of flat bricks between the joints of the cut stones, and a blind discharge arch was built with bricks on top of the lintels. The single-domed cubic structure on the left side of the mosque is the tomb of the mosque's founder. One of its inscriptions is on the door with a low arch and gives the date of H. 956 (M. 1549) with its abjad calculation. The second inscription is a repair inscription placed on the right above the original inscription. In the third inscription, it is carved on the second column from the left of the narthex.

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