Halime Hatun Mosque Manisa | Historical Places

 Halime Hatun Mosque Manisa | Historical Places:

Halime Hatun Mosque, Sultan III, who was born in Manisa in 1566. Şehzade Mehmet, son of Murad, from 1584, He served as the sancakbeyi in Manisa until 1595, when he ascended the throne as Mehmet.

Halime Hatun Mosque Manisa | Historical Places
Halime Hatun Mosque Manisa | Historical Places

It consists of a complex, mosque, madrasa and soup kitchen that he had built in Gölmarmara in the name of Halime Hatun, his nanny and foster mother.

At the end of the 17th century, a double bath was added to the complex in order to generate income. The mosque, which has survived in a well-preserved form, is similar to the Şahuban Mosque, but is a more ostentatious structure. It is made of stone and brick, has a square plan and a high pendentive dome. It is seen that the ceiling of the women's mahfili is decorated with gilded pencil works and a belly, and the pulpit leaning against the wall in the form of a half-arch is made of two-colored marble.

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