Who is Selcuk Bey | Extra History of Selcuk Bey in History

 Who is Selcuk Bey? What tribe do the Seljuks come from? Who is Selcuk Bey's father? When and how did Selçuk Bey become a Muslim? The life of Seljuk Bey, the ancestor of the Seljuk dynasty.

Selcuk Bey was born in 900. According to rumors, his name means "little flood" and is read as Selçuk-Selçuk or his name means "small raft" and is read as Salçuk. The Oghuzs used to cross the river by making rafts from reeds and reeds along the Seyhun river. It is claimed that Selcuk Bey took this name because he was born on such a raft.

Who is Selcuk Bey | Extra History of Selcuk Bey in History
Who is Selcuk Bey

Who is Selcuk Bey :

Selçuk Bey's family belonged to the Kınık clan of the Oghuzs. Vizier Nizamülmülk says that the Seljuks are descendants of Alp Er Tunga and that they are rulers from father to son.

His father's name is Dukak (Tukak). It is thought that Dukak was a chief or chief among the Oghuz tribes. Dukak was a person with administrative, political and military influence in the Oghuz Yabgu State, and was nicknamed "Temür-Yalığ" (with iron bow) because of his courage, strength, foresight and success in state affairs.

dashtikipçakIt is accepted that Dukak, the chief of the Oghuzs in Turkey, was an influential figure in the Oghuz Yabgu State or represented an independent structure within this state. The Oghuz yabgusu would attach great importance to Dukak's ideas and would not take decisions without consulting him. Indeed, when Yabgu set out on a mission against a Turkish people group, Dukak contended with him and said unforgiving words. Thereupon, Yabgu drew his sword and wounded Dukak in the face. Dukak hit Yabgu's head with his mace and knocked him off his horse. Yabgu ordered Dukak to be captured and killed, but this order could not be carried out due to the presence of a strong community around Dukak. With the intervention of statesmen and commanders, an agreement was reached and a feast was held on this occasion. This event,

Selcuk Bey Become A Commander At a Young Age :

When Selçuk Bey was 17-18 years old , his father Dukak passed away. Oguz Yabgusu appointed him as a subasi, knowing that Seljuk Bey, who grew up with him, had noble and commander qualities . Yabgu's trust and interest in Selçuk Bey caused the jealousy of other statesmen and commanders. It was hard for Hatun that Selçuk Bey went to the palace and sat next to Yabgu. Hatun cautioned the ruler and expressed that she was concerned that Selçuk Bey, who was additionally cherished by individuals, would create problems later on and hold onto the high position. Yabgu, under the influence of Hatun, decided to eliminate Selçuk Bey. Selcuk Bey, who learned the situation, had to leave the palace. Kipchaks in his departure from YabguThe pressure of the Oghuzs, the narrowness of the place and the lack of pasture, and the fact that the Karakhanids gradually became stronger and became a great power played an important role.

Selcuk Bey married the daughter of one of the Turkmen rulers. It is rumored that he had five children named Arslan Yabgu (Israel), Musa , Mikail , Yunus and Yinal (Yusuf).

How Did Selçuk Become A Muslim?

Seljuk Bey went from Yenikent, the winter center of the Oghuz Yabgusu, to the city of Cend , which is located in the lower course of the Seyhun river, probably in 961, with 100 cavalry, a large entourage, and a large number of herds.

Seljuk Bey told those around him that if they did not adopt the religion and customs of the people with whom they had to live in Cend, which is located in the border region between non-Muslim Turkish countries and Islamic countries, they would stay as a little disengaged local area and reported that he had chosen to turn into a Muslim.

 Later, he sent an envoy to the administrators of the city of Zandek and Bukhara in Harizm and sent them the Qur'an and Islam .He wanted people to be sent to teach. Thanks to the teachers they sent with various gifts, Islam began to spread rapidly among the Oghuzs, who were loyal to Seljuk Bey. After Seljuk became Muslim, he cut off his contact with the Oghuz Yabgu State and the non-Muslim Turkish tribes and joined the jihad campaign against them. His son Mikail was probably martyred during such an expedition. Oghuzs affiliated to Seljuk became known as Selâcika , Selcukıyyan and Turkmen names from this date on.

Who is Selcuk Bey | Extra History of Selcuk Bey in History
History of Selcuk Bey

Selçuk Bey Attending The Political Stage :

Massive crowds gathered around Selçuk Bey, whose reputation increased even more after he became a Muslim. As a result of the campaigns against non-Muslim Turks and the struggles with the Oghuz Yabgu State, Cend came under the rule of the Seljuks and became the center of the Seljuk Principality . Selcuk began to be known as "el-Melikü'l-gāzî" from this date on. Thanks to the jihad operation undertaken by Seljuk Bey, who also conquered the cities of Belâc also, Beruket, numerous Turks from different nations rushed to Cend to be subordinate to Seljuk Bey. Turks gathered around Selcuk Bey as a result of the love and respect they felt for the noble dynasties throughout history.

Seljuk Bey gained prestige not only among the Oghuz affiliated to him, but also before two great states such as Samanoğulları and Karahanlılar who ruled the region . Samanoğulları asked for help from Seljuk Bey against the Karakhanids who occupied their lands. With the help of the Seljuks under the command of his son Arslan Yabgu , they took back the lands they had lost. This event was one of the important turning points in the life of Selçuk Bey and his family. Thus, Selcuk Bey ceased to be a local lord and gained the quality of a leader who intervened in the events between the two states. In return for these aids, the Samanoğulları settled in the town of Nur, near Bukhara.He gave it to the Oghuzs, who were subordinate to Seljuk Bey. While Selçuk remained in Cend, the Oghuzes, who were attached to his son Arslan Yabgu, migrated to the town of Nur in 992 or 985-86. Samanoğulları defeated the Karakhanids with the help of the Seljuks in 1003 and 1004.

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