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Who Was Sultan ALP Arslan || History Of Sultan Alp Arslan || The Ottoman Empire

 In mid 11th century the conflicts Between Turks and the Byzantines were on rise because of a huge emigration of Turks from centralAsia to Anatolia. When Seljuk Turks emerged to the power, 

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They Marched Towards The Anatolia To Expand Their Territories. Under Sultan Alp Arsalan, the Seljuks capturedAni, the capital of Armenia in 1064. By adding Armenia and Georgia in 1064 andinvading the Byzantine Empire in 1068, he started his campaign to annex the Anatolia. Hi, welcome  Dirilis Pk .  In this Article we'll discuss about Sultan Alp Arsalan and his campaign to establish the Seljuk rule in Anatolia. 

Picture Of Sultan Alp Arslan

Who Was Sultan ALP Arsalan
Who Was Sultan ALP Arsalan

Sultan Alp Arsalan was the son of Chagri begand the nephew of Sultan Tughril, the founder of Seljuk Empire. Sultan Alp Arsalan became the ruler of Suljuksin 1063. The very next year in 1064, he added Armenia and Georgia to his rule. This was big milestone achieved by the Sultan to open his ways to march toward Anatolia. Before becoming Sultan, Alp Arsalan servedas the governor of Khurasan in 1059 after the death of his father. When Sultan Tughril died in 1063,

Who Was Sultan ALP Arslan

 He nominated Arslan's infant brother Sulaiman as his successor. But, Alp Arasalan had to face his uncle Kutalmishto claim the throne. Alp Arslan defeated Kutalmish in the battle of Damghan in 1063 and became the Sultan. Later Suleiman, the son of Kutalmish foundeda separate sultanate of Rum in 1077 in Anatolia. With the help of Nizam al-Mulk, Sultan Alp Arsalan stabilized the empire after the death of Tughril. In 1068 Romanos IV became the Byzantine emperor and made some speedy military reforms. He entrusted Manuel Comnenus to lead an expedition against the Seljuks but he was captured by the Seljuks under the sultan Alp Arslan. Despite his success Alp Arslan was quick to seek a peace treaty with the Byzantines.

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Alp Arslan History

 He signed the treaty in 1069 because he swathe Fatimid in Egypt as his main enemy and had no desire to be diverted by unnecessary hostilities. After 2 years in 1071

Romanos IV sent envoysto Alp Arslan to renew the 1069 treaty, and keen to secure his northern flank againstattack, Alp Arslan happily agreed. As a result of the renewal of this treaty,Alp Arasalan led his army to attack Fatimid-held Aleppo and left the siege of Edessa. But the treaty was mere a distraction and taking advantage of the absence of Sultan Alp Arsalan in Anatolia,

Picture Of Sultan Alp Arslan
History Of Ottoman Empire
Who Was Sultan ALP Arsalan

Romano's now led large army into Armenia to recover the lost fortresses before the Seljuks had time to respond. Then, with his eastern border secure and his rear protected, Romans would be in a perfect position to either attack the Seljuk army if it attempted enter Anatolia through the Taurus Mountains to intercept him, or strike deep into the heartland of the Sultanate down the Euphrates river valley. 

Roman's mustered his army outside Constantinople in March 1071. When Byzantine army and Seljuk forces metat the Manzikert,

Father Of Alp Arslan Orhan Ghazi

History Of Sultan Alp Arslan

 The Byzantine lost the battle and the emperor Romano was captured by the Seljuks. Losing Manzikert was a huge disaster for the Byzantine empire. Although the Byzantine lost Anatolia, butthe empire still ruled 300 more years from Constantinople. This is when the Byzantine empire started to fall and finally vanished in 1453 when the city of Constantinople was captured by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II. 

Sultan Alp Arslan wounded by a prison name yousaf , Sultan died at the age of 44.

Sultan Alp Arslan had many sons, including Malik Shah, Prince Arslan Shah Of Seljuk Sultanate, Prince Muhammad Of Seljuk Sultanate, Prince Tutsh Of Seljuk Sultanate And Prince Arslan Argun Of Seljuk Saltanate.Malik Shah Got Succeeded him on his death,
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