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 The Ottoman Empire Origin And Decline || History Of Ottoman

 The Ottoman Empire was one of the most powerful and lasting dynasties of world history, this superpower led by the Islamic ruled large areas of the middle east, Europe from east and north africa for more 600-year-old known principal leader as the sultan received authority religious and absolute politics about his people while Europeans Westerners generally saw them as a threat many historians they consider the ottoman empire a source of great stability and security regional as well as important achievements in the arts, science, religion and culture.

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The Ottoman Empire began as one of the smallest turkish states that arose in asia minor during the decline of the Seljuk Empire, the Ottomans came from an ethnic group basically nomad who was dedicated to the horse breeding and trade,the Turks soon relate to the Muslim cultures around they establish relationships with them commercials and adopt Islam in their Sunni branch, this contact could be due to the silk road because the merchants Muslims would surely transit through the territories where the ottomans the first tribes tickets Turks in the region that later it would be the ottoman empire occur in the military realm when armies of the Abbasid Caliphate needed soldiers for internal struggles and against Christians and Byzantines, so they turned to border territories recruiting to the population, within the Abbasid Caliphate it can already be seen how the Turks go climbing positions in the army and the administration the occupation of anatolia by the Turks may have its origin in the battle of manzikert in the year of 1,071 when the Turks at the service of Seljuks they defeated the Byzantine army of Roman emperor diogenes fourth, this allowed the Seljuks to create a vast sultanate that encompassed iraq and iran,around 1,243 a Mongol invasion of batu knob the han of the golden horde shattered said sultanate, the which had survived the struggles internal, to the Byzantines, to the first crossed and its Syrian neighbors thesangies and ayuvis.

Ertugrul Gazi History
The Ottoman Empire Origin And Decline 

 One of those principalities that we could call your first small ottoman state and insignificant was where the Turks which had been yielded by the Sultan of the Seljuks before the Mongol invasion to the first member dynastic of the ottomans ertugrul east territory had as capital the city of Sogur, Ertugrul dies in 1290 giving way to osman's succession First,Osman first founded the Ottoman Empire around 1,299 the ottoman term is derives from the name of osman that was uthman in Arabic, the Ottoman Turks they established a formal government and they expanded their territory under leadership from osman first, forhan, murat first and bayezid first, in 1453 Mehmed second the conqueror directed the Turks Ottomans to seize the old city ​​of constantinople the capital of Byzantine Empire, this ended the thousand-year reign of the empire Byzantine, Sultan Mehmet renamed the city ​​to istanbul which means the city ​​of islam and made it the new capital of the ottoman empire istanbul became a center dominant international trade and culture.

Mehmed second died in 1481, his son greater Bayezid second became the new sultan, during the reign of Bayezid second son of mehmet second the Turkish momentum is mainly west hergascar is occupied in 1483 joining bosnia taken by mehmed twenty years before the Venetians are expelled from Albania in 1501 During the reign of Bayezid's son Selim first the focus shifts towards the this where ismail first founder of the new safavid dynasty in persia is being becoming a threat after defeat the Persians in 1514 selim se embarks on a bold company invades the extensive territories of the Mamluks Egyptians around 1517 achieved a victory Rotunda putting Syria, Palestine arabia and egypt under ottoman control Selim is followed as Sultan in 1520 for his son Soliman first, in EuropeIt was known as the magnificent Suleiman a recognition of his skill,the ottoman empire reached its peak between 1520 and 1566 during the reign of suleiman the magnificent this period was marked by great power stability and wealth, soliman created a uniform legal system and gave the welcome to different art forms and literature, be restored during your reign the power of the great vizier and it was generous with the jenízaros allowing them to marry, he developed a considerable legislative activity that focused mainly on the army organization feudalism military territorial property and the tax system, many Muslims they considered suleman as a leader religious and as a political ruler during the government of Sultan Suleiman the empire expanded and included areas from Eastern Europe at its height the Ottoman Empire included the following regions Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt Hungary, Macedonia,Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and a considerable amount of the fringe Coastal North Africa.

Osman Ghazi History In English

Osman Ghazi History In English
Osman Ghazi History In English

When soleiman died in 1566 the Ottoman Empire was a world power most of the big cities of Islam Mecca-Medina Jerusalem, Damascus Cairo, Tunisia and were under the Growing flag of the Sultan. Because of their geographical location the ottomans became essential intermediaries of all the exchanges between europe and the east South and Southeast Asia, one of the major European cities with the which the Turks traded was venice who became the great center of Eastern European art importal so venice was the only port historical where merchant ships Turks could arrive in times of peace until 1566 the ottoman empire was not only powerful but also prosperous as evidenced by the annual surplus that is produced in its coffers the empire was more or less economically self-sufficient produced food seemingly unlimited and raw material in abundance that artisans natives used in the elaboration of products for own consumption and the export also established contacts commercials with Genoa, florence and ragusa thanks to the control he maintained the empire on three continents and several seas were obtained also considerable income of transport especially on the route of the spices and silk from the northeast crossing the middle east to the south from Asia, the Ottomans were known for his achievements in art science and medicine,istanbul and other important cities in the entire empire were recognized as artistic centers especially during the reign of suleiman the magnificent some of the most art forms Popular include calligraphy, painting, poetry, textiles and fabric and carpets ceramics and music, architecture ottoman also helped define the culture of the time were built elaborate mosques and buildings public during this period, science It was considered an important field of study, the Ottomans learned and they practiced advanced mathematics astronomy, philosophy, physics, geography and chemistry.

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History Of Orhan Gazi

 A total of 36 sultans ruled the all Ottoman Empire between 1292 and 1922 for many of these years they result Ottomans would live there complex of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul contained dozens of courtyards and buildings residential and administrative part from the topkapi palace included the harem a separate room reserved for wives concubines and slaves, these women were positioned to serve the Sultan while the men in the harem complex were typically eunuchs. Most scholars are of agreement that the Turkish rulers Ottomans were tolerant of others religions those who were not Muslims were categorized by the system of millet a community structure that gave minority groups a limited amount of power to control your own affairs while they were still under the Ottoman rule some millets paid taxes while others were exempt. In the 14th century the devshirme system was created this required that Christians conquered will deliver 20 percent from their sons to the state, the children they were forced to convert to Islam and become slaves though they served as slaves some of the converts became powerful and rich, many were trained for the government or army service Ottoman, the elite military group known as the jenízaros was formed mainly by converts forced Christians, the system of Devshirme lasted until the end of the 17th century.

Suleiman The Magnificent History In English

suleiman the magnificent history in english
suleiman the magnificent history in english

From the 1600 s on the empire ottoman began to lose his domain economic and military in Europe, the empire ottoman could not keep up with Europe in many other aspects by example capitalism evolved accompanied by the development of new political institutions, methods scientists and military technology,perhaps the most important innovation in Europe after the renaissance was the emergence of the idea of ​​state as nation a political unit that gradually became the center of the national identification of a people and their loyalty to the nation, the ottoman empire on the other hand never it was a political and cultural unit with cohesion during the period from 1600 to 1850 but it remained a conglomerate of different religions and ethnicities, self identity and loyalty were conceived in one more margin narrow as the family.

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Who Is Sultan Nurbanu

When the Ottomans began to meet armies better prepared and with unknown weapons the empire reached its limits of expansion and they began to recede, it was in the 17th century when the ottoman empire began to lose territories at a constant rate in Austria, Russia and in other countries expansionist Europeans, territories that they were lost in long and fruitless wars this was how the ottoman state he couldn't keep up his treasure public through a military machine that consumed more than it contributed absorbing most of the income from taxes, during next 100 years the empire began to lose key regions after are volt, Greece gained its independence to the Ottoman Empire in 1830 in 1878 the congress of berlin declared the independence of Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria. At the beginning of the first world war the ottoman empire was already in decline the Ottoman Turks enterthe war in 1914 on the side of the central powers including Germany and Austria Hungary and were defeated in 1918, according to a treaty most of the Ottoman territories were divided between Great Britain, France, Greece and Russia, the Ottoman Empire officially ended in 1922 when the title of Ottoman Sultan Turkey was declared Republic in 1923.

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